How To Save Money On Power In Your House!

Did you for example know that approx. 75 to 80% of energy consumption agrees with this? If you lower the indoor temperature by 1 degree, you will save approx. 5% of the total electricity bill. Thus, you have actually saved about NOK 450 on this!

One of the simplest measures that saves you of power is night lowering

One of the simplest measures that saves you of power is night lowering

The simplest switch clocks may cost around 40 to 70 kroner. If you buy a digital clock, you also have the opportunity to lower the temperature during the day when you are at work.

This is simply a very good investment for those looking to save the most unnecessary money. Such digital switches can be set with different switch-offs throughout the week. This way, the home can be heated during the day on weekends, and without heat during the time when you are at work. The heating is then reduced by just over 30%.

Then you will save about 20% of your heating expenses on this alone. In other words, all homes that use 13,000 kWh annually for heating will save up to NOK 2,000 a year. Turning down the temperature of the water heater will undoubtedly save you a lot of money. This is also among the first steps you should take.

Don’t forget that simple memory rules for saving money

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Also consist of turning off the light in rooms where no one is staying. But you save nothing on turning off lights in rooms where you have thermostatically controlled heat. Then you buy energy-saving bulbs for outdoor lighting and for use in basements and attics.

An 11-watt light bulb provides as much light as a 60-watt incandescent lamp. Although saving bulbs are more expensive, they are still cheaper than regular bulbs because they last up to 6 times longer. When ventilating, ventilate briefly and effectively Do not keep the window glowing for long periods!

Finally, of course, in this article comes the tip about mounting a spare shower. This saves you about NOK 450 per person. Therefore, if your family consists of four people, you will save NOK 1,600 a year. A spare shower costs about a hundred patches. So this may seem like a good investment.